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David Irving

[Photo by Michael Hentz for The New York Times ]

Letter to the Editor
The Daily Telegraph

August 26, 1994

not printed



YOU REPORT today (page 4) that during yesterday's Brighton trial of one of the thugs who wrecked my car after a Dec.4 meeting, his lawyer stated that his defence "would have been" that he was trying to prevent a crime, having heard a man get into my car and say: "Let's go and do a Jewish cemetery." Ingenious and, if I may say so, a lie whose ulterior purpose is quite obvious.

Your report might, in fairness, have pointed out that this absurd claim was made, not on oath, and in my absence from the courtroom which the thug's lawyer had requested; I had already testified that there were no others in the car, as my (female) driver and the police who arrested his client can confirm.

Yours faithfully

David Irving




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