David Irving

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Letter to Bill Glauber,
The Baltimore Sun,
London Bureau

(not published)

The New York Times alleged in a story that, contrary to what he had said, David Irving had withheld the Goebbels Diaries from the German archives, and had cheated Munich historian Elke Fröehlich of the credit for discovering the diaries in Moscow.

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London, June 5, 1996

Dear Bill
JUST TO refute those two lies in the NYT piece:
1. I handed to Dr Büttner the deputy president of the Bundesarchiv (German federal archives) in Koblenz at 9:10 a.m. on July 1, 1993 a package containing original copies of every page of the Goebbels diaries which I had retrieved from Moscow and other sources, and which were not yet in their possession, as a gift from me. Ten minutes later I was formally expelled from the Bundesarchiv, permanently. The diaries which I handed over have remained in their possession ever since, whatever they say. -- I also donated a complete set of these diaries two days earlier to the city archives (archivist: Stadtarchivoberinspektor Lamers) in Goebbels' home town, Mönchen-Gladbach.

2. On May 26, 1992, the day that I first approached the Sunday Times to offer to them the diaries, I notified their editor in chief Andrew Neil in writing that I myself made no claim to have discovered the diaries, for which credit was due to Elke Fröhlich in Munich. I attached also the relevant page from my diary on my talk with her which made this plain. In order not to lose her job, she had pleaded with me not to allow this fact (that she had given me the tip) to become public knowledge however. I am stunned that the NYT would publish such allegations without checking their facts.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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