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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Nizkor Website by Jeffrey Shallit on October 15, 1992:-

The Toronto Sun
Thursday, October 15, 1992
page 39


Brit Denied Entry to Canada

Nazi sympathizer barred

By Bill Dunphy
Toronto Sun

A CONTROVERSIAL British author and Holocaust denier has been barred from entering Canada for a speaking tour, the Sun has learned.

David Irving, a historian and darling of the international neo-nazi movement, was hand-delivered a letter in Los Angeles informing him of the Canadian decision to deny him entry.

A copy of the Oct. 9 letter warns Irving he can't enter Canada because of his criminal record and because "there are reasonable grounds to believe (you) will commit one or more offences" in Canada.

Irving was convicted of violating a German law making it illegal to deny the existence of the Nazi extermination of Jews.

Irving, in Los Angeles for a speaking engagement, was unavailable for comment.

His lawyer, Doug Christie of British Columbia, said Irving has asked him to fight the decision.

Christie said the ban is the result of political pressure and vowed to overturn the decision.

"I am searching for a remedy, perhaps a federal court injunction."

Christie said he still hoped Irving would be present in British Columbia on Oct. 28 to receive the Canadian Free Speech League's 8th annual George Orwell award for courageous defence of free speech.

Irving's planned tour also included stops in Calgary, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa.

© Copyright 1992 The Toronto Sun



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