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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Nizkor Website by Jeffrey Shallit in November, 1992:-

Irving's visit to Kitchener, Ontario

DESPITE an order from Canadian immigration to leave the country, David Irving got out on bail and spoke for about half an hour in front of approximately 50 people at Michael Rothe's European Sound Import store in downtown Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday, November 7, 1992.

Kitchener, a town of about 175,000 with a strong German heritage, is a known center of neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial activity. Also sighted at the store were neo-Nazi publisher Ernst Zundel and convicted felon, drug-dealer, and former KKK leader Wolfgang Droege.

[Flush this loo]Irving was greeted by approximately 75 demonstrators, who, despite sub-freezing temperatures, chanted and carried signs outside Rothe's store from about 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Irving briefly appeared outside the store, and was interviewed on local TV, before he was shouted down by protestors chanting, "Irving, go home!" Later, at about 3:00 PM, Irving was ushered into a waiting car by police and, eyes averted from the crowd, was driven away.

A man who claimed to be a history student at WLU handed out anti-Semitic Holocaust denial literature briefly.

Jeff Shallit


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Notes on some of the lies:

  1. Zundel has a clean police record. He has been acquitted by Canada's supreme court of any wrong-doing.
  2. Shallit comments that Droege spent several years in a US prison in the 1980's for his attempted takeover of the Caribbean island of Dominica. He appears to be a nasty piece of work, who evidently bought his early release from prison by becoming a police informer and stool-pigeon.

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