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BELIEVING HIMSELF unobserved, Professor Milton Rosenberg broadcast his slime on his Chicago radio programme on July 16, 1998. Mr Irving's local friends advised him of the smear, and the British writer sent this appropriate and well-earned letter to the scholar:-

London, December 9, 1998

Dear Professor Rosenberg,

I understand that on July 16, in your morning talk show on WGN, you bestowed upon me the adjective "odious". Such language is protected by the First Amendment in your country, of course; over here, where Deborah Lipstadt has tried using the same kind of language, she is finding it is a costly business indeed -- in our High Court.

If you go around the world urinating language like that over non-Jews, you bear a large measure of the blame for generating anti-Semitism. Maybe 20 years from now your people will be whining, "Why us? Why us?" and really not know the answer.

In your case, it is because of your cowardly and odious behaviour. Or maybe you will this time have the courtesy to reply to a letter and explain yourself.

To imagine yourself safe from riposte, because you broadcast at a distance of 5,000 miles -- that is bullying; it is power without responsibility, the traditional quality of the whore. Or...?

Yours sincerely,

David Irving
e-mail: info@fpp.co.uk


Professor Milton Rosenberg
Professor of Psychology & Social Sciences
University of Chicago
IL 60637 &emdash; 1513 USA

[Flush this loo]

OUR VISITORS are invited to write to the professor expressing their own opinions in measured terms


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