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IN AN ARTICLE published in the New York Post on April 21, 1999 the American schmierfink John Podhoretz wrote an article, "Crimes of the Holocaustologians," about the "glamorous and exciting field for American academics" that Holocaust studies has become in American universities.

For no particular reason, he then wrote:


"[...] With words like these, you would think the last thing people could accuse [Gabriel] Schoenfeld of is Holocaust denial. But [Franklin] Littell, the 81-year-old fool, explicitly complares Schoenfeld with David Irving and Raymond Robert Faurisson, the world's two leading Holocaust deniers. They are 'vulgarians', to be sure, whereas Schoenfeld is 'more subtle'-- but the impulse is the same, Littell says."


Hearing rumours of this, Mr Irving as always turned the other cheek:

Dear John

I have no idea what you write about me in your articles (I hear you said something on the 21st) but next time you might like first either to phone me at 011 44 •••• or if I'm at Key West (e.g. all May-July) at 305 292 ••••; even better check out my Website at http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/index.html paying particular attention to the legal dossiers, and to the libel writs I have served on Deborah Lipstadt and others (a three month action due to be heard here in the UK in January).

David Irving (London)

Mr Podhoretz responded with greater speed than tact:

I would rather die than speak to you, you unspeakable piece of shit.

Mr Podhoretz

To which Mr Irving replied:

If you speak with me, it might do wonders for your otherwise unimaginative command of the English language. -- I have taken the liberty of placing your message in the "Origins of Anti-Semitism" section on my website. The connection should be obvious to even the most vocabulary-challenged.

David Irving (at Duke Street, London)


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