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THE FOLLOWING nasty article vilifying David Irving was published by Editor Herb Brin in the U.S. journal, Heritage Southwest Jewish Press, on Friday, August 21, 1998, on page 8:-

“A fascinating new study of Hitler

IN A remarkably comprehensive new volume, Explaining Hitler, Ron Rosenbaum, media critic for the New York Observer, covers a vast amount of material and interviews with scholars in the field of "explaining Hitler" to the world.

The interviews range from meetings with important British historians and wackos such as the Holocaust denier David Irving. They include meetings with Daniel Goldhagen, whose book, Hitler's Willing Executioners, became a bestseller in Germany and the United States, Claude Lanzman (producer of the film Shoah), Emil Fackenheim and Yehuda Bauer.

[Flush this loo]

David Irving is the guy who challenged historians to come up with clear statements by Hitler to exterminate the Jews. ...”




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  1. A Riddle: What do authors Herb Brin, Daniel Goldhagen, Claude Lanzman, Emil Fackenheim and Yehuda Bauer have in common, that David Irving does not?
  2. Nobody has yet claimed the widely publicised $1,000 reward offered by Mr Irving in 1977 for even one page of wartime contemporary evidence that Hitler was even aware of Auschwitz (“the Holocaust”), let alone gave the order for the Final Solution .

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