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ON the evening of July 27, 1999 Canadian television broadcast a live discussion called Michael Coren Live. (Coren is an English born half-Jew). Coren's guest was noted historian and author James Bacque ("Other Losses") :-

A correspondent informs AR-Online:

Raymond, a caller who phoned in, mentioned David Irving.

Michael Coren: "Raymond, why don't you tell us who David Irving is!"

Raymond: "Well, apparently David Irving is an Historian from England."

Michael Coren: "Don't, uh, don't say apparently. Don't be coy with me, it doesn't work. David Irving is a notorious and infamous Nazi and Holocaust-denier. He has described himself as a fascist. He's a man who writes book after book glorifying Hitler and Hitler's War, Churchill's War, saying that Churchill was the arch enemy. He's a renowned Holocaust-denier.

 "So let's be explicit about this and not mess around. He was denied entry into Canada, we could argue that whether we could debate these people or or whatever, but don't pretend that David Irving is someone who writes about Napoleon, he's not. He's a highly politicised human being."


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Another Ontario correspondent informs us (Saturday, July 31, 1999):

  1. Michael Coren is not the favourite columnist of many Canadians just now. They were outraged by what many felt was an outrageous attack on the Kennedy clan and, most especially, upon the memory and person of JFK Jr., even as mourning for his untimely death reached its highest pitch; rather like some tabloid sleaze merchant from Fleet Street, say, dumping a bucket of slime on the memory and person of the late Princess of Wales on the very day of her funeral. As the Good Book says, "He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith." Oh, well. Coren is a journalist, after all (and a bald and bullet-headed runt, moreover--alas, for him).
  2. And yet another correspondent informs us on Sunday, August 1, 1999: "This same Michael Coren was also the spokesperson for the now bankrupt AutoDepot.com. Who claimed to operate under the teachings and philosophies of Jesus. The whole thing went sour when AutoDepot.com refused to pay the vehicle dealers for the leases they had sold. This caused many people to have their vehicles illegally repossessed, only to be returned to them by court order. The people who leased these vehicles are now working out payment options with Canadian Banks."
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