The International Campaign for Real History
The ADL’s Violent Puppet Organisation, the "Coalition for Human Dignity" (CHD), gears up to prevent David Irving from speaking in Portland, Oregon.
Stripped of its attachments, this document was attached by Robert Horenstein as an appendix to his witness statement.

Coalition for Human Dignity

Dedicated to monitoring and opposing right-wing attacks on civil and human rights.

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September 28, 1994

To: All concerned parties
From: CHD Research Department
Re: Holocaust Denier in Portland October 10, 1994


The Coalition for Human Dignity has received information that British Holo-caust denier David Irving is planning a speaking engagement in Portland, Oregon the evening of October 10, 1994.

Irving recently attended the annual Institute for Historical Review conference in California. As the keynote speaker, he was warmly received by the assembled neo-Nazis and bigots. Despite repeated attempts by Irving to deny that he is an anti-Semite, researchers throughout Europe and the United States have solid documentation that he is stepping up his efforts at building the ranks of neo-Nazi organizations.

The upcoming event in Portland is additional confirmation of that fact.

Irving last visited Portland in October of 1992 for a lecture at Mount Hood Community College. .

The following background information has been compiled by Coalition re-search staff and may be distributed to key organizational personel [sic] and allies. Please credit the Coalition for Human Dignity when doing so. A more complete report will be released on or about October 10.

Pre-Event Endings
  • One of the local sponsors of Irving's upcoming visit to Portland, Derek Stenzel, is a violent neo-Nazi who was convicted of a hate crime in 1993.
  • The individual who was the local contact for Irving's 1992 visit, Michael Clinton (aka Rheinhold Clinton) is again apparently involved in promoting Irving's tour. Unlike 1992, however, Clinton is now an attorney and a member of the Oregon State Bar. Clinton apparently fears that his open involvement with the Irving event could jeop-ardize his law career.
  • Irving's October 10, 1994 visit to Portland is being promoted by the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), the foremost international outlet for Holocaust denial.
  • The 1992 Portland-area campaign organizer for far-right presidential candidate James "Bo" Gritz is also organizing Irving's visit.
The Event

Irving's Portland speaking engagement has been billed as his last United States tour for some years to come. The Institute for Historical Review recently mailed a letter promoting the event. Interested Portland area residents are advised to contact one of either two phone numbers for event information (See attachment). The phone numbers listed are those of Margit Becker, who claims to represent the Northwest Historical Society, apparently a fictitious organization formed to pro-mote the event, and that of Vera Fisk. Ms. Fisk, it turns out, is the mother-in-law of neo-Nazi Derek Stenzel. She is working with Derek and others to organize the event.

The Northwest Historical Society is not a registered corporation in Oregon.

Neither the German Aid Society nor the Oregon Historical Society are familiar with the group. The address for the organization is the same as that of Margit Becker: 2034 S.E. 28th Pl., Portland.

The precise location of Irving's speaking engagement is being witheld [sic] until the day of Irving's speech. The organizers want to avoid any protests such as those that occured [sic] in 1992.

Derek Stenzel

According to police reports on November 27, 1992 "Stenzel was identified as the person who had participated with another person (Mark Tupper) in the assault of two black male subjects and yelling 'white power' following the assault. He (Stenzel] was also identified as the person who had smashed the window from a Tri Met Max Train." Stenzel was convicted of Intimidation I (a hate crime) and sen-tenced to 36 months probation on April 19, 1993.

Stenzel is presently co-editor, along with neo-Nazi Joseph Ryncarz, of the Northwest Imperative a publication of a group calling itself the Northwest Concern. The publication is openly neo-Nazi, with a swastika on the cover, and is dedicated to The creation of a whites-only Pacific Northwest. In issue number two, the editors write, "We can form School co-ops, daycares and the like so that our children can be raised and taught together, free from the polluted, mongrelized and jewdaized (sic) influences outside of our Folk-community .

Derek Stenzel has also been actively involved in providing security for a series of para-military training sessions that have passed through the Portland area.

Conducted by self-styled "white separatist" James "Bo" Gritz, the SPIKE sessions, as they are called, bring together far-right leaders and activists to be trained in special forces readiness exercizes. [sic]

Stenzel also acted as the chairman of a neo-Nazi skinhead organization called the National Socialist Front and was a close associate of Randall Krager, himself a neo-Nazi convicted of a hate crime in 1992.

Joseph Ryncarz

Ryncarz, besides being co-editor of the Northwest Imperative, is a member of the Pierce/Kitsap County chapter of the Populist Party of Washington. That chapter is headed up by Kim Badynski, Grand Dragon of the Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Ryncarz's wife, Lori, is a spokesperson for the Family Assistance Project (FAP) and made a presentation on their behalf at the 1992 Aryan World Congress. FM' is a support group for imprisoned white supremacists and their families.

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission also confirms that Joseph Ryncarz is a registered lobbyist



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Mr Irving would welcome informed opinions on the "Coalition for Human Dignity", and facts about it, from his hundreds of West Coast friends.