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Richard EarleyReport: The 2003 Real History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio

by Richard Earley



I WAS assigned the coveted spot of speaking on Sunday night after a delicious dinner cooked by an accomplished Frenchwoman. I was prepared to speak for an hour, but 15 minutes prior to the start of my speech David Irving told me that there was only time enough to speak for 25 to 30 minutes because of scheduling arrangements. To put it mildly I was somewhat stunned. I had more than enough material to speak for 90 minutes if need be.

I moved my planned ending to the start of my speech and went through what will be an extremely important force in world affairs over the 10 to 30 years. Using US Department of Energy figures and projected populations, I figured that an industrializing China that had less than 10% of average American consumption in 2000 would require an additional energy supply of more than 60 million barrels of oil (energy equivalent) per day in 2020 to reach 33% of our per capita energy consumption in 2000.

In that fateful year the USA consumed slightly less than 50 million barrels of oil (energy equivalent) per day. During is coming period China will have 10 to 15 million males more than females in the militarily important age of 18 to 35 years. Losing a couple million males just may promote domestic tranquility. The Arabs, Iran and perhaps other oil producing countries may need a protector against a predatory American policy grasping for oil. China will suit them. Within 10 years what the Chinese have not learned or can figure out just may not be that worthwhile. The neoconservatives have long figured this out and are pointing to China as a probable adversary. China, formidable on land and perhaps the air, still lacks a credible navy.

I then reviewed who has fought in American wars. I stressed the cowardice of the men of Harvard and Yale in the Civil War, the highly exaggerated recall by Blacks in all wars and the continuing cowardice and evasion by Jews. David Irving, obviously still stung by his court verdict, felt obligated to question me as to whether any explanation could be given for their absence. I put this down as a necessary charade, but went through the pertinent information and asked why then did the Jews of Germany fight and die for the Kaiser at almost 10 times the rate their American kin died fighting Adolf Hitler's Germany, the greatest enemy Jews ever had.

Then one speaker, one Ken Alford, spoke up. He said he had been to Normandy and seen Stars of David. He then stated half of the American generals dying in Europe were Jews. I replied he may have seen Stars of David, but they were not in appropriate proportion to the number of Jews. I answered that his statement that half of the generals dying were Jews was simply preposterous and marked him as a man willing to suborn truth for some end. A retired banker Mr. Alford impressed me as a man unwilling to pass over a shekel on his walk to the grave. Somehow I politely brushed off a libertarian who lectured me on the role of money in wars and how it was impossible to generate true wealth.

Charles Provan documented the importance of the book, Germany must Perish, written by Theodore N. Kaufmann, an American and Jew, in goading the Nazis toward the Final Solution. Dr Goebbels issued a million copies of Germany must Perish to German troops in the east and he used this tome to justify harsh anti-Jewish measures to Hitler.

I had thought myself immune to Nazi propaganda, but seeing the dramatic 1933 Leni Riefenstahl movie Victory of the Faith, (45 minutes), the forerunner of the famous Triumph of the Will, did tug at my emotions. Both are records of the Nazi Party's annual rally, 1933 and 1934 respectively. It is again a free speech issue: the Party recalled every copy (so they thought) after Hitler sanctioned the targeted killing of the film's other leading protagonist Ernst Röhm in the Night of the Long Knives, June 1934. In this 1933 movie they are seen shaking hands, backslapping, and exchanging jokes

I talked with Irving. He is a man who has confronted many tough adversarial positions and possible financial ruin. He probably is not as adventurous as he once was. He is pursued continually and ruthlessly by people with no moral scruples. I suspect any man would show the effects of this pursuit. Yet he gave an interesting talk on why the Allies scrapped any talk of any deal involving the release of Jews for 10,000 trucks, even though the Germans promised only to use them on the eastern front.

Further Irving impressed me as having an intense dislike of Churchill. I suspect his outlook is typical of many on the Tory right. He believes Churchill could have salvaged the British Empire by a truce at Dunkirk. He may not say this, but I think he believes the world and most certainly Britain would be much better off with a continued empire. I strongly believe he is right.


War, Money and American Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism



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