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Bruce Hyman, radio producer, comments on May 23, 2002 on our posting of the transcript of his programme on the Deborah Lipstadt Trial.



Holocaust on Trial

I've just seen your transcript of our programme on your website, and I wanted to say how impressed I was with the whole presentation. There are a few mistranscriptions (I can let you know what they are if you're interested) but overall it is extremely well done.

I hope you feel that we did not misrepresented what you said to us in the interviews, we obviously had to edit as it was only a 40 minute programme, but I was conscious of not wanting to alter the import of what you told us. The programme was very well received, as you may know.

Bruce Hyman

Ps: I'm not convinced, by the way, that you can claim copyright in the transcript, but there we are..

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