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Richard Hughey asks on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 about reports that David Irving was bankrupted



Was an Order made?

I HAVE received word that Penguin and/or Prof. Lipstadt have filed a petition for bankruptcy against Mr. Irving. Can you confirm this and provide details? There's nothing on it in the US. If bankruptcy is pending what are plans for the Sereny and Observer trial?


Richard Hughey

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David Irving replies:

IN fact Penguin Books Ltd (not Lipstadt) obtained an Order in bankruptcy against me on March 4 [see my Radical's Diary] This Order came as a complete surprise during a five minute hearing set down for thirty cases! We are appealing against the Order, and the appeal will be heard in June and we are confident that the Order will be set aside with further heavy costs against Penguin. You will understand that I cannot go publicly into the reasons why we know that we will succeed. I had a conference with Counsel on this matter only last night [26.3.02] If we succeed, we shall then pursue Penguin Books Ltd for maliciously issuing the petition without proper cause, for which there are very severe penalties indeed.

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