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Rixon Stewart tells us on Friday, July 26, 2002 of a response from a bullying journalist, Nick Cohen



Bully Cohen can dish it out, but he can't take it

YOU might be interested in this brief exchange, prompted by your website, between myself and journalist Nick Cohen. I initiated the exchange by writing:

"Ah yes that 'incorrigible Nazi' David Irving. The trouble is, that the more the media goes on about him and his alleged sympathies the more people go to his website and realise that he is not quite as bad as he's been portrayed. And the more this happens the more people realise that our 'free press' is in fact presenting us with a distorted version of events: as they did with Princess Diana's death (read Tomlinson's affidavit), and as they are currently doing with the situation in Iraq and the 'War on Terror'. If it carries on at this rate the title of journalist will, in a couple of years, be ranked alongside "child molester." And that includes you, Mr Cohen."

To which Cohen tersely replied: "F*cking off and dying remains an option you should consider."

Seems like I upset him.

Rixon Stewart

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Irving David Irving replies:


THANKS for showing me that. Nick Cohen has sent an identical reply to everybody who wrote to him; several have contacted me. You might consider mailing a copy of your correspondence to the editor of The Observer, [119 Farringdon Road. London EC1R 3ER], and suggesting that Cohen is not serving the newspaper's reputation very well by mouthing obscenities.
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