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Joel Rosenberg, of Minnesota, USA, e-mails these characteristic thoughts on Saturday, June 8, 2002:




AFTER all, you said -- when you launched your ill-advised and demonstrably self-destructive attempt to have Dr. Lipstadt censored -- that if you failed, it would ruin you, and it has. So why all the whining about it?

Joel Rosenberg
3925 15th Avenue South
MN 5547, USA
telephone: (612) 822-2415

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I wonder if Joel R. is Jewish? The name itself is no sure guide: while the traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Jewish, Alfred Rosenberg was not. Mr Rosenberg's hate-mail may be racially motivated and thus fall under US hate-crime laws; usually our mail filters have caught the items. (Our readers wishing to reply should show restraint.)
   After newspapers
reported the negative outcome of my appeal in the British High Court, we decided three days ago (June 5, 2002) on the next course of High Court action. The above email is the first squeal of rage from the traditional enemy. More will follow: I can promise that the next legal move will cause them extreme discomfort.

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