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Gabriel C. Pena, of Texas, has pithy, if uninformed, comments on Mr Irving's work (Friday, August 2, 2002).



A message from a Texas hater:

COMMON decency; now there's a term you have no concept about Mr. Irving. I am a graduate student at Texas A&M University studying the Holocaust. Your name happened to come up as a Hitler historian, a Holocaust denier. Even in class you were ridiculed as a sham.

Gabriel C. Pena


Worshipping hatred

Los Angeles Times

DAVID IRVING responds:

I TAKE it that you have actually read my books? If not please do so. Some of them they are free downloads, or you can buy them in the bookstores; or if you have difficulty from or from They are published by Avon Books; The Viking Press; Simon & Schuster; William Morrow; Little Brown, etc. Ask your professors how many books they have published and if their books appeared in those imprints. Then get back to me.

At the last count incidentally the Widener Library at Harvard University listed 42 of my books on its shelves. Nice to hear from you, have a nice day.

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