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Ron Jacobson, of unknown provenance, seeks on Tuesday, July 30, 2002 to end a correspondence with Mr Irving, having failed to goad him into a usable response.



A message from the haters:

. . . NOT at all, my dear sir. I have done some useful things in my life, although I admit that this correspondence is not one of them -- therefore, it will end with this email.

Keep up with your shenanigans, Mr. Irving. It's a lot of fun to see how you are single handedly destroying the little that remains of the Holocaust revisionist movement. Your colossal defeat and humiliation have resulted in a sharp decrease in revisionist activity. The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) is practically dead, revisionist BBS's are shutting down . . . revisionists are sick of you. Some have concluded that you are really a Zionist agent, working to destroy revisionism from the inside.

And keep plugging these kookoo 9/11 conspiracy theories, by the way. Maybe some dumb rich antisemite will toss you a quarter or two. Farewell then, Mr. Irving. I have arrived at the same conclusion as your family did: you are a waste of time.

With no respect whatsoever

Ron Jacobson

Worshipping hatred

Los Angeles Times

DAVID IRVING confesses to having written, after receiving the 100th unsolicited hatemail from Mr Jacobson:

Have you nothing better to do than spam people around the word? Get a life, Jacobson. Have you ever done anything constructive in your God-given time on this earth? I doubt it. Think about it. It's worrying, isn't it?

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