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Ron Jacobson of the USA, writes Saturday, January 12, 2002



Hungarian Jews were dealt with at five locations

YOU wrote on your website:

"The elevator is a well-known problem for the conformist Holocaust historians: how could the corpses of '450,000 gassed Hungarian Jews' have been hoisted by that one elevator from the basement morgue ('gas chamber') to the crematoria upstairs in three weeks in May 1944?"

A few comments:

1. The killing of the Hungarian Jews took place not in one crematorium, but five -- the four Birkenau "kremas" and one of the "bunkers" which was reactivated.

2. I don't understand how you reached the three weeks period. According to Braham, who uses Veesenmayer's reports, 437,000 Hungarian Jews were deported between May 15 and July 9 (1944). That is more than three weeks.

3. Not all the Jews were killed upon arrival.

4. In your web site you suggest that the 450,000 Hungarian deportees weighed 50,000 tons. That comes up to 111 Kilograms per corpse on the average, an absurd figure.

5. You suggest, in the same page, that the corpses were cremated "by a small Sonderkommando in one crematory building". This is untrue; as noted before, there were five crematoriums working, not one. Moreover, as I had noted in a previous e-mail to you, the Birkenau labor deployment reports list up to 900 stokers ("Heizer") in the crematoriums -- that is no "small Sonderkommando".

I humbly suggest that you start doing your homework!

Ron Jacobson

This picture is said to show Hungrian Jews arriving at the railroad platform at Auschwitz-Birkenau in the spring of 1944. The arrows point to the chimneys of the two main crematoria, II and III.


WE shall post here the comments our readers may have to make on Ron Jacobson's remarks, which are reproduced above in unedited form. We welcome all free debate.

It is plain from archival sources including the stenographic records of the Reich air ministry conferences and the Jägerstab conferences in 1944 that hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were not sent to Auschwitz at all, but put to work as slave labour in the German arms industry and underground factory construction.

Himmler himself referred in a speech with distaste to this employment of the Hungarian Jews, which Hitler had ordained in April 1944. Saying that Hitler had instructed him to provide two 100,000-strong contingents of Hungarian Jews to work on Karl-Otto Saur's bombproof tank- and fighter-aircraft factories, the Reichsführer SS expressed barely concealed displeasure, calling it a "singular" arrangement, and on May 24 he assured an audience of generals, "Not one of them will in any way cross the German public's field of view."

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