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Christoffer af Geijerstam decides to write a hate-filled letter to Mr Irving on Thursday, April 4, 2002



Hate! Hate! hate!


IT IS puzzling that a supposedly keen mind like your own, devotes its time to such sad garbage. Like a contemporary Don Quixote, you fiercely charge against the windmills of common truth, ridiculing yourself. The only difference is that the original character won the love of people because he attempted to do good, while you seem to seek to make yourself as dislikable as possible.

I will never understand why a man of your intellectual capacity devotes his life to such a low and unintellectual endeavor. The only conclusion I can draw, is either that you have a far weaker intellect than anticipated and seriously believe the hotchpotch you preach, or that you are aware of the truth but choose to deny it due to vanity, opportunism, plain evil and your own dark and hidden agenda.

For instance, in a reply to a letter from Georg Frank (Jan. 16, 1999), a former Jewish child prisoner of Oranienburg and Bergen-Belsen, you pull the ancient tricks of relativising and marginilising, by stating that Hermann Göring's daughter, Edda, was indeed also imprisoned after the war. Well now! How long and under what conditions was she and her mother imprisoned? Were they allowed to be together, were they properly fed and treated with decency? And in what way does their imprisonment reduce the horror and injustice of the writers experience in Bergen-Belsen?

You continue by implying that the writer, as a Jew and unlike poor Edda, probably has enjoyed German compensation money and should therefore consider himself lucky - at least luckier than Edda and other children of prominent Nazis, who didn't receive financial compensation from the German government.

Dear Mr. Irving, your research on the history of the Federal Republic can't have been to thorough and your argumentation is very twisted to say the least. For what should Edda have been compensated? For the loss of Father Hermann's stolen treasures, for the loss of destroyed Carinhall, blown to pieces upon Göring's own orders? Please Mr. Irving, don't embarrass yourself!

You claim not to be driven by anti-Semitism, but only in search of historical truth and justice. Really? So why do you publish such features as a Polish ambassador to the US's claim, that the entire US media was in Jewish hands in 1938. I am not going to argue the content of the claim, but seriously question the relevance and motive of the publication of the feature. Mr. Irving, do you cling to the old belief that there is a Jewish world conspiracy? Do you imply that the German measures towards the Jewish population 1933-1945 were therefore justified or at least understandable? If so, is the conspiracy still around today? Where is it based, where and how often does it meet?

More than anything else, you are a chief advocate of the denial or marginalisation of the systematic German murder of Jews and all other disliked elements 1933-1945. Partly by denying all available evidence (such as eye witnesses (both perpetrators and victims), pictures, photos, written documents, statistics, testimonials from the actual time etc.), partly by presenting alleged expert witnesses (such as gas experts without any theoretical or practical experience of lethal gasses) you attempt to put the entire Holocaust in doubt.

Using that method, it's of course possible to deny any historical event: the Vietnam war, the moon landing, the Soviet, Chinese or Cambodian atrocities or any other happy or horrific happening on the globe - past or present. And you will allways find some followers, eager to subscribe to conspiratory theories. The crazier the better, in their view.

I do admit, that a critical review is always healthy and welcome, and should not be made taboo for any episode. But blunt denial of overwhelming evidence is just plain stupid. By universal comparison, the evidence of the German extermination programme is overwhelming - despite the attempt by the Nazi regime and burocracy to destoy every trace of evidence.

The confused and sometimes contradictory statements by witnesses on both sides are understandable in their context and change nothing in the big picture. Neither does the lack of a written order by Adolf Hitler, nor the confussion about the existence of gas chambers in different concentration camps on German soil or the question of reconstructed buildings (including gas chambers and crematories) in Auschwitz and elsewhere.

What do you say Mr. Irving, if the holocaust never occurred, where did the recorded millions of people (approximate numbers are carefully documented by the former Deutsche Reichsbahn, original documents on-file in archives) shipped to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka, Kulmhof and elsewhere vanish? The filled-up trains kept on coming, yet the camps didn't grow in size. Where did they go? Where were they on liberation day? Where are their ancestors today? Did they all die from illness and malnutrition imposed by the evil of Allies and Soviets? Or where they, God forbid, actually murdered as all serious research proves?

I suspect that you already know all this and that your quest is driven more by your bottomless vanity than by any real search for truth.

You like playing the victim and you are prepared to go to extreme lengths to stay in the spotlight. As much as you enjoy the argument and fight (and I think mainly for arguments own sake) with your opponents, you thrive on the admiration by your supporters. And the latter is really very quer, considering the composition of your followers. You would expect an intellectual like yourself to have higher demands.

Christoffer af Geijerstam

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