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Alexander Wolfe-Murray of British Columbia, Canada, gets fast delivery from the UK of books he ordered




THIS will knock your socks off! This morning at 11. 50 o' clock I received a parcel containing Churchill's War Vol. 1 & 2 and The Trail of the Fox. The London post mark is the sixth and today is Tuesday the tenth. Pretty damn good. The parcel was even delayed by Customs who of course just had to have a look because, "a declaration was not found on the outside or because the declaration was incomplete."

Now to get all the bad news about the hero that I grew up with. That is the trouble with people; the more we get to know them the more they turn out to be just like everybody else! I am of course intrigued as to whether Hitler was trying to save Christendom or establish some new pagan thingie. But like the assassination of JFK I'll never know. But it is fun looking.

Alexander Wolfe-Murray

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