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Kevin Walsh, of Arizona, calls Mr Irving a coward for not speaking at Lillehammer, Thursday, May 28, 2009

Police massing in Oslo against the violent Left Wing scum who try to stop Mr Irivng at Television TV2 building, May 25, 2009

Was it right for you to pull out of Norway?

YOUR supporters would likely be understanding if you could not speak to them because the government banned you from coming or because you were disinvited from some forum.

Backing out of a speaking engagement because of personal cowardice, however, is inexcusible. It is pathetic that you use the excuse that you were advised to do so by the Norwegian police. Both of us have faced police pointing firearms at us, and I'm currently doing a term of probation, which followed a term of imprisonment, for having tried to draw my .45 on their drawn weapons and for having put one Phoenix Police officer in the hospital. We both know that the police are not friends of free speech or anything other than servants of Zionist governments, whether in Britain, in the USA, in Austria, or in Norway.

All right, so it's unrealistic you could fight a horde of leftists. What about the supporters to whom you were to speak? Were they too cowardly to defend their right to hear you as well as your right to speak? I know with certainty that if a mob of our leftists had attacked you while speaking to us in Phoenix, several of them would have bullet holes in them before it was over, and the surviving leftists would have been the ones screaming for police protection. I'm sure your Norwegian supporters are just as brave. It's unfortunate you're no longer worthy of them.

When you make a big fuss about going somewhere and speaking and then chicken out, you do more harm than good. You make yourself look like a blowhard, and this reputation taints fellow revisionists. The Jews are doubtless claiming a major victory, which in truth is theirs. If you won't stand behind the free speech that you assert, it would be better if you just kept quiet.

Kevin Walsh
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


David Irving replies:

AN interesting letter, Kevin, and I have to say I disagree with almost every line. The word fiasco is the exact opposite of what I achieved. My object was to speak to as many Norwegians as possible. This I did.

My enemies have wasted a lot of time and money organising mass violent protests in which others, including police, would have been injured.

Norway could at any time have refused to protect me. They did not, on the contrary they offered round the clock protection to me. But mass violence would have given many other countries an excuse to exclude me, including the USA. I have to keep the long-term aims in view, and being arrested and jailed is not one of them! Please accept that you and I work with different approaches, and mine is strictly within the law.


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