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Sean Smythe has more thoughts about the faking of film documentaries, November 23, 2002



When the words don't match the picture


YOU warn Lara to notice that the spoken commentary may not jive with the film. A simple enough lesson but so difficult to experience! This is because the pictures are worth thousands of words and the commentary merely voices an opinion which may be reasonable or complete fantasy.

You could show a painting of The Crucifixion and caption it: "The ancients had low crime rates because they disgraced criminals and a fair hearing by appropriate authorities, executed the guilty".

You could as easily say " Roman justice acted swiftly against social activists".

I find lies fascinating, especially establishment lies which involve so many normal people. I often suggest the friends that they turn down TV commercials and see for themselves there is seldom any message except for the voice-over. This goes double for historical propaganda.

Sean Smythe

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