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Rodger Kirtner asks on Tuesday, December 24, 2002 how secure is our book-ordering page?



Paying by card: How secure?

Hello. I just placed an order from David Irving's web site. However I am a little concerned that I did not see a "lock" at the bottom of my computer confirming that I ordered on a secure site. Can I be assured that my credit card info. is secure?

Also, I saw the book I ordered, "Hitlers War" on Amazon.com (a few dollars less) however it said it was only 990 pages vs. 1,024 shown on your website. It showed publishing date as April 2002. Is there a difference? Thank you for your reply in advance.

Rodger Kirtner

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Irving David Irving replies:

 Although the peach-colored livery of the payment page is the same as Focal Point's, the page that customers worldwide put their c.c. details on is actually on a secure server belonging to the bank. Do a dummy run and watch the URL change! Only the North American order form is directly linked to the Illinois firm handling orders.

The Hitler's War advertised on Amazon is probably the old 1991 edition (right, above). The latest edition you have ordered is the Hitler's War (Millennium Edition, 2002, below) which is 150 pages and many scores of photos bigger.

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