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Allan Crawford writes from Cayce, South Carolina, on Thursday, September 12, 2002:



I HAVE read your book Hitler's War but you haven't actually written a pure biography on Hitler, and you are probably the most knowledgeable researcher on the subject alive today.

Being politically incorrect at the current time has caused you many serious problems as I have read, but if you write a swan song nobody can top, it would perhaps leave your name with a legacy of legitimacy.

In an historical sense perhaps you owe it to posterity. I know you have donated much of your personally discovered archive materials to libraries and such but nowhere, at the moment, is your knowledge of Hitler alive in one place except for inside your head.

Due to censorship and such it may be impossible for anyone to do a biography on Hitler in the future. You seem to be the only author with any guts.

Allan Crawford

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Irving David Irving replies:

 Yes, "Hitler's War" (Millennium Edition, 2002) is a book I am quite proud of, but it will never make me rich, for obvious reasons.

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