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Dr Harrell Rhome, of Eagle Publications in Corpus Christ, Texas, is indignant at being asked to cease spamming* (Saturday, October 12, 2002)



Revisionist in a huff

OH dear, I see that I have "offended" in some way. One would think you would welcome colleagues and supporters, especially after your courtroom debacle, but I see that this is not the case at all.

Nonetheless, I wish you well in all that you are doing. Will still recommend your books to my readers. You are now officially "deleted."


Dr Harrell Rhome


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Irving David Irving replies:

 "Courtroom débâcle"? -- Odd words to describe a fight in which I was outnumbered forty to one, or 41 to one if you include the judge, by enemies funded by the Commercial Union insurance giant, the £6 billion Pearson Group, the American Jewish Congress and Steven Spielberg and Edgar J Bronfman.

Perhaps you would rethink that phrase; I don't think YOU have ever been in a fight like that. I guess that if that young man who stood up in front of the Chinese tank in Tienanmen Square had been flattened by it, you would call that a "debacle" too?

* Spam is spam. I object to being spammed by anybody, whether from the extreme right or left. I receive over 380 emails a day now. All spammers (like Dr Rhome above) get this automatic response: "I demand that you remove my name and e-mail address from your list immediately. I have NO time to read these e-mails of yours. Please respect my wishes at once." -- David Irving

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