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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives and invite open debate.

IN THE EIGHT months since the launch of this FPP Website, there has, remarkably, been abusive mail only from one correspondent, a Mr David Katz of Johannesburg, writing in February 1998 and again in October 1998.

Mr Katz has now taken to abusing other correspondents and visitors to this Website, among them a Mr David Kramer, who attended Mr Irving's lecture in New York City in August 1998.

Here is their correspondence so far ..


Mr Katz?From: David Katz, Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Dear David [Kramer],

Does it not worry you than Mr. Irving proudly displays your letter as being from a Jew? What difference does your religion make to your opinion. You have played into his hands and have become his little token "Jew" supporter. Why not attend his lecture? You may be surprised at who you are rubbing shoulders with!


David Katz

To which David Kramer replies:

I HAVE attended his lectures. I could ask you the same question. Does it matter whether or not you are a Jew to question whatever history is told to us? What makes you think I am the only Jew who is his supporter?

regards, David Kramer

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