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Mike Colvin writes from Essex, England, with praise for Churchill's War, vol.ii, on Sunday, March 17, 2002



The best so far

JUST finished Churchill's War, vol.ii, having delayed starting it until I reread vol I. I thought it a tour de force, probably the best of your books so far (at least of the six or seven I have read). It is particularly to be admired if, as I suspect, the powers that be are still obstructing your access to sources - or is that only in Germany?

It should be as indispensable a source for historians of the period as Hitler's War and I will be amused to see how many own to using it as such in the future. My appetite is whetted for vol III and I would be grateful if you could put my name down on any waiting list.

Do you have a likely publication schedule as yet? In the meantime, sincere congratulations and thanks for an enjoyable (and educational) experience,

Mike Colvin

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Irving David Irving replies:

I AM working on Churchill's War, vol.iii right now, and my enemies -- who are legion (viel Ehr') -- will be enraged to know that I did all the overseas research, e.g. in the Canadian and Australian archives, years ago: so the belated visa bans imposed by those countries will have no effect whatever (as they have already seen from vol. ii).
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