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Adrian Colmenares writes on Sunday, September 22, 2002 from Mexico



The Rake's Progress

I SEND you greetings from sunny Morelia, Mexico, cradle of freedom in my country. We are great admirers of you, as you are the only voice in a sea of cowardice among the academics and prostitutes of the pen. Good for you!

There were stacks of books of the infamous Prof. Richard "Skunky" Evans on the floor of Barnes & Noble in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, according to a friend; his "In Defense of History" is selling at $5.95, of an original $25.95. Isn't that cute?

Your first book I read and reread was "La guerra de Hitler"; later, a friend sent me "The Trail of the Fox","Nuremberg, the Last Battle" and your translation of "The Service". I am interested in buying "Churchill's War", but want to wait until volume III is finished.

We have our domestic version of David Irving, Don Salvador Borrego E., whose book "Derrota Mundial" (World Defeat) runs far beyond the 40th printing, in spite of its being systematically boycotted.

I send you congratulations for your endeavor. Keep fighting the good battle!

Adrian Colmenares


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Irving David Irving replies:


WELL, some body must love Evans, because a UK publisher has signed a one million pound contract with him for a History of the Third Reich. I do hope he learns in the meantime the names of a few key people that he did not know during the Lipstadt trial, e.g. Hitler's armaments minister, his wartime ambassador in Paris, and others. And some colloquial German. Come to that, Evans will shortly find that all his time is soaked up with other things, and he won't find very much time to write at all…


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