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John Boyle protests from Tacoma (Washington) on Monday, March 11, 2002



What is the worth of anti-war.com?

JUSTIN Raimondo is a nut case who gets just enough of the truth to his story [Anti-war.com joins the dots] to justify his extreme views. He has absolutely no proof and will likely never get any. Shame on you for putting his stuff in your newsletter.

If you have the time, and want to do the investigation yourself and can come up with the facts on any one of the myriad and, so far, only alleged conspiracies floating around, you would be an acceptable source and you might even get your enemies rooting for you, at that.

Unless, of course, your proof shows they did it! But, please do not rely on the likes of Justin Raimondo for facts, at most, they are worth a lead or two.

John Boyle

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Irving David Irving replies:

THE point of putting links rather than stories on the website is so people can come to their own opinions, which you did; I happen to share your view, but the external links which Justin Raimondo has preserved on his page are valuable.
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