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John Boyle protests from Tacoma (Washington) on Monday, October 7, 2002



US told German chancellor to resign for opposing the Bush war?

I HAD not known that the stupidity extended to anyone in this government trying to remove leaders in our allies' governments, and am glad for the article. PerleRichard Perle is one stupid and arrogant individual who should be removed from the White House staff, Wolfowitz is another! It just proves that the ultimate dummy is George W Bush for hiring them in the first place!

Oh, and, yes, I have been petitioning my government, in anyway I can, to stop this stupid war drive, now! So far, all the one house of Congress voted for Bush's war and the only way we can stop it in Congress now is through the Senate. The next step is the overthrow of Bush, but he has finagled things around to where that would be called "terrorism".

John Boyle

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Irving David Irving replies:

Yes, Hitler did the same trick with the Ermachtigungsgesetz in 1933 but we must not make that comparison, must we!
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