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posted Friday, July 22, 2005

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Grondalski has been given a picture of Hitler in a cloak, Friday, July 22, 2005: is it for real?



Adolf Hitler in a cloak?

click to enlargeI CAN not believe this! Today I was given a picture of a relative of Ilse Terboven and Inge with Adolf Hitler who is wearing a black band around his neck.

My friend labeled the people in the picture so when I came home I googled the names and found your web site.

Tell me as much as you can about Ilse Terboven and this little girl Inge who is the cousin of the person I know.

Any information would be so helpful.




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David Irving David Irving replies:

SEND me a good scan of the picture please, I would be most interested (also of the back, if it has any inscriptions). It actually shows Hitler visiting the Gauleiter of Essen, Joseph Terboven (later his viceroy in Norway) in hospital after a plane crash. I seem to remember Erhard Milch telling me that Terboven, a daredevil aviator, had flown the plane into a hangar.

Terboven had married Ilse Stahl, Dr Joseph Goebbels' former secretary and girlfriend -- in fact that wedding was in Essen on June 29, 1934, the ostensible reason for Hitler's famous trip to the Rhineland which ended with the Night of the Long Knives, June 30.Ilse Stahl diary

They had this cute daughter, Inge. Pictures of Hitler wearing that cloak are very rare. I know a gentleman near Atlanta with an album full of them (he bought Ilse Stahl's possessions, including her diary, right, which she wrote partly in English). Terboven blew himself up with his family at the end of the war.

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