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posted Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Jim Cain asks, Sunday, November 18, 2007, about a Jewish admiral whom Hitler ordered to be spared


Photo: The dock at Nuremberg, wiith Grand Admiral Erich Raeder half concealed in center of the second row. [Click for whole image.]



When Hitler spared a legally-Jewish admiral

ONE more comment on the memoirs of Grand-Admiral Erich Raeder ... it deals directly with a 'pro-Jewish' action by Adolf Hitler himself

In the Appendix there is reprinted a letter from one Karl Kuhlenthal, Rear Admiral (ret.), in which he writes:

"I am half Jewish, and have a Jewish wife. Consequently, in accordance with the Nurnberg laws, my two sons and I were treated as fullblooded Jews....

"To free myself from this horrible situation, I asked Grand Admiral Raeder to secure, from Adolf Hitler, an exemption for my family...

"In particular, Raeder obtained for me an exemption SIGNED BY HITLER'S OWN HAND which protected my wife and me from further persecution. I not only continued to receive my pension, but our property, including our apartment, was insured to us."

This letter raises a number of questions:

  • How many of these 'Führer Exemptions for Jews' -- personally signed by Hitler -- are recorded or known to have been issued, or exist?
  • This letter is dated October 28, 1950, Frankfurt, Main, Niedenau 54 -- which is entirely too late to be of much help to Adm. Raeder, already imprisoned at Spandau.

Why wasn't it prepared for evidence to help Adm. Raeder at the Nurnberg trial (like the other letters of character that are reprinted in the memoirs)?

Jim Cain



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David Irving replies:

IT IS not widely known that although sentenced to life imprisonment for invading another country (1940, Norway)-- which Britain, the USA, and other countries of course never do (so how did the Americans get into Iceland in 1940, and the British into Persia in 1941, both countries into Iraq in 2003 etc., etc., etc?), -- Raeder was (unusually) released early from Spandau, on health grounds(!), on September 26, 1955, after over ten years in jail; and I presume that letters like this were used to prepare the ground

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