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posted Sunday, October 23, 2005

Letters to David Irving on this Website


Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Jason Bulkeley has acquired valuable relics of Adolf Hitler's uncomplicated long time friend and ultimately wife, Eva Braun.


Relics of Eva Braun order photos

Eva BraunHAS the Eva Braun photo album at auction been sold yet? It was up for 10,000 pounds, and I wondered how much it sold for, if it did sell. I would like to put in a bid if it hasn't already.

I just purchased a beautiful silk nightgown owned by Eva, along with a few strands of her hair and a cigarette case. I also found what I believe to be one of her pubic hairs embedded in her hand-embroidered initials on front of gown. I am submitting this item for forensic testing. I will be buying a large cache of her personal toiletry items soon, and am always on the lookout for more items.

Do you know if any of the surviving Braun relatives would be receptive to submitting a hair sample for a DNA test, to determine if the hair I have is genuine?

Another question: Do you believe Eva had a dalliance with one of the guards in the bunker, as the article in the photo album alleges? If so, the Russian autopsy, which confirmed (?) that Eva was pregnant at time of suicide, would seem to suggest that Eva had sex with someone prior to her death -- and it may not have been Hitler. Any ideas?

Once again, will you write a book about Eva? Or do you know of anyone planning on doing a book in near future?

Jason Bulkeley


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David IrvingPostkarteMr Irving replies:

MY friend the late Glenn Infield wrote a good book called Adolf and Eva, which superseded the not-bad Eva Braun biography written by another friend of mine many years before, Nerin Gun.

The Ealing collection of Hitler relics, which we shall shortly be cataloguing and offering for sale on behalf of their anonymous English owner, contains very many Eva Braun items acquired from her former personal staff. Among them are silverware, portrait photos (see above), and handwritten postcards.

I do not believe the Russian autopsy record on her. The KGB ordered Moscow officer and author Lev Bezymenski (as he told me) to make crucial and unflattering changes in the autopsy on Hitler, published in the first edition of his book Der Tod von Adolf Hitler, and this taints all such Soviet-era documents. She would certainly have confided in Magda Goebbels or the other women around Hitler. According to what his adjutants told me, she did not sleep around at all -- unlike her sister. None of their relatives survives.


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