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posted Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Jim Atkins asks on Thursday, March 26, 2009 about Julius Schaub, Hitler's closest Old Guard friend and adjutant


Photo shows: Hitler with Martin Bormann (left) andJulius Schaub (right). From Walther Hewel/David Irving collection.



What do we know about Julius Schaub?

I'M thoroughly enjoying "Hitler's War". You did an impeccable job of researching and writing it. The book has piqued my interest in Julius Schaub. For a guy who was in the thick of things for nearly the entire war, there doesn't seem to be much written about him.

Was he just the average flunky, or was he in the same league of infuence in the Third Reich as Bormann?

If you can refer me to a source of information about Schaub, I would appreciate it very much. I am particularly interested in what became of him after the war.

Thanks very much.

Jim Atkins
Frederic, Wisconsin



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David Irving replies:

NOT easy. Julius Schaub did write a sheaf of typed memoirs, which his son Roland allowed me to use for "Hitler's War" but I do not know if anybody else made any use of them. I have deposited them in the Sammlung Irving in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich. [See a review of the published Schaub memoirs, which are probably heavily "edited".]

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