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S K has heard rumors. Friday, January 3, 2003, of an illeigitmate son of Hitler living in Indiana, USA

Hitler typewriter


A Hitler son alive in USA?

Extract: According to a Czech journalist W Faltinek, of the magazine Grom, as he related in an interview with Express Gazette, the son of Adolf Hitler, born on February 23, 1929, in Berlin, of G Raubal as mother, is living Indianapolis, a pensioner since two years ago, used to work as a construction labourer, and is willing to undergo DNA analysis to prove his origin. His name is still being kept secret.

German: NACH einem tschechischen Journalist W. Faltinek aus Magazin "Grom", wie er in der Interview der "Express-Gazette" gesagt, der Sohn von Adolf Hitler, geboren am 23. Februar 1929 in Berlin von seiner Mutter G. Raubal, wohnt in Indianapolis, er ist Rentner seit 2 Jahren, fruher arbeitete als ein Bauarbeiter; er ist bereit, DNK-Analyse zu machen, um sein Ursprung zu beweisen. Sein Namen ist noch geheim gehalten. In Prinzip ware es moglich, doch wie konnte man das uberprufen?


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Irving David Irving replies:

IT is not impossible, though improbable (why has he surfaced only now?).

I have often heard stories of the illegitimate offspring of top Nazis.

Himmler had two illegitimate children during the war with his mistress Hedwig Potthast (I have seen the birth certificates among other papers of hers).

Rommel had an illegitimate son with a woman in his youth.

When I visited Argentina in 1991 I was invited to meet (but did not) a son of Dr Goebbels living in the city.

Hitler's infatuation with his niece Geli Raubal may in theory have led to a child in 1929 (she committed suicide in his apartment early in September 1931); but people like Goebbels, who was for a time interested in Geli himself, would surely have commented on her pregnancy in his diary, and her brother Leo, whom I interviewed in the eerly 1970s, would have told me also.


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