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Gerhard Rohringer writes from Santa Barbara on Monday, May 19, 2002 about the faking of "gold teeth" film evidence for the Nuremberg trials.



Nuremberg and those "Victims' Gold Teeth"

THIS letter concerns your website's posting "From the Nuremberg Trial memoirs of Reich press chief, Hans Fritzsche".

The accusation of gold teeth torn from the mouths of innocent victims after having been murdered in gas chambers struck me as a fantastic and unlikely lie when I had to listen to the daily radio recitals [in 1945/46] from Nuremberg.

I do not know where the gold crowns and teeth came from which filled some of the bags shown in the Nurenberg movie. But in order for dentists to obtain gold for making crowns for their patients [in WWII] they had to turn in "Bruchgold". Old crowns were acceptable as Bruchgold. I was less than 14 at the time but I know that, because my grandmother had a lot of dental work done during the war and always spoke of the need to come up with the "Bruchgold" for the dentist. Among other things she turned in old crowns which had to be reworked, but she was also looking for old crowns which relatives might have had stashed away.

Gerhard Rohringer


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