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Gerhard Rohringer writes from Santa Barbara, California, on Saturday, July 13, 2002



Hitler's parental home

ALLOW me a few comments regarding your posting about the Elternhaus [of Hitler] in Leonding.

I grew up in the city of Linz and visited Leonding often, on foot or on bike. I have always admired the beautiful condition of the Elterngrab, the many fresh flowers and the candles. There must be some brave people around! When I visited I alway turned around to see if someone was watching me but I never saw anybody.

A few years ago I visited the www-site of Leonding and was able to find a picture of the Elterngrab and the Elternhaus which were displayed under the section "History". I saved them, just in case.

After I read your posting I visited that site again but could no longer find these pictures. May be political correctness has taken precedence over history.

For your perusal I attach these two pictures (left and below).

Hiler's Elternhaus

As far as the Elternhaus is concerned I do not remember the street in front as shown in the picture. I do remember the house surrounded by an orchard with a footpath leading over grass to the front door. It might be that the street was the first step in the process of modification of the house and its surroundings.

Efforts in this direction have been going on for a long time. I think a holocaust memorial in that location would have required the removal of the Elterngrab. The latter would have become a much visited place for all those who went to see the memorial. This might have created serious and unwanted competition, thesis and antithesis at the same place. The removal of a tomb however is not permissible in this catholic community. Therefore, so I think, the compromise of a coffin storage facility.

Gerhard Rohringer

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OUR thanks to you for preserving these photographs for posterity, as we shall do ourselves.
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