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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina about the Auschwitz death-toll controversy Tuesday, October 15, 2002



What Stalin did with "his" Polish Jews

I WROTE Mr. Leon Simmons that if you counted all the Jewish transports to Auschwitz in Danuta Czech's Auschwitz Chronicle ["Kalendarium"] only 550,000 ever arrived at the Judenrampe before selection. Apparently Van Pelt's 1,100,00, Hilberg's 1,700,000. Höss's 2,500,000, and the Soviet's 4,150,000 were all errors.

I let him know too that according to the Jewish historians Jacque Pat and Louis Rappoport, 550,000 to 900,000 of the 3,245,000 Polish Jews were already in Soviet Gulags before June of 1941.

Apparently Joseph Stalin started hauling Jews off for slave labor in February of 1940 when he had Eastern Poland.

I didn't tell Mr Simmons that 750,000 to 1.200,000 were missing from the 1,900.000 Jews in the Ukraine by the time that Hitler attacked in June of 1941.

Little wonder that Raul Hilberg could only find a 1,000,000 of the 3,000,000 Russian Jews missing when he went to Russia in 1959.

He estimated 500,000 to 850,000 dead during the war years and he didn't calculate any killed in combat as soldiers. Would Stalin let all the Russian Jewish males stay home and reproduce. while "real Russians" fought.

Frank Lowe Jr

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