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Louise, a student from New York City, writes Monday, December 2, 2002 with a query on Churchill




Churchill as a leader

I AM a high school student, doing a research paper on "What Makes a Great Leader?" I've decided to choose Churchill and I also have to choose two historians who debate over something that Churchill did. My topic is from the article you posted on whether or not Churchill considered negotiating with the Nazis in 1940 and should he have negotiated a compromise peace with Germany.

My question to you is, which two historians should I choose who can aptly debate Churchill, and I can find enough reliable sources on. And also, if I should download the volume of the book, Churchill's War.



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Irving David Irving replies:


TELL me where you are (and with your parents' permission only please) give me a mailing address at home or at school and I will have a free copy of my biography of Churchill sent to you. You might consider as a debating theme whether his deliberate bombing of German civilians was justifiable or not, and whether he started it or the Nazis did.
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