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Mike Lilly writes on Monday, July 16, 2002 about the Kucera collection "Hitler family photo"



Hitler's family, or not?

THE family picture shows some hope of being genuine, though I can't really see the details too well. If I could see better what is purported to be A. Hitler, I could tell instantly. If the picture is genuine, we are seeing Klara, Alois-the-father, Edmund, Adolph and Paula.

Alois the son and half-brother to Adolf is not evident, but I believe he had departed the family about this time.

What raises interest for me particularly is the person who could be Paula. I see in that little girl's pose a quiet, demure, modest, well-behaved and shy soul, which is precisely what we know about her as an adult.

But it's a far stretch for me to be reading that much into the picture. Klara looks a bit too wide in the hips and thighs, which is not consistent with descriptions of her. It could be the manner in which the skirt is folded.

Mike Lilly


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Irving David Irving replies:

I LIKE your comment on the painting, just what I was hoping for. I am hoping somebody will provide expertise on the uniforms. Or even identify the two houses. That is just what the Internet is good for. By-passing the conformists and the "scholars," and finding real experts. It would have been easy for someone to dab "A Hitler" on an existing painting. Difficult to tell without seeing the originals of all these things. I am hoping the owner will provide me with better scans of parts of the groups (the heads). At 100 d.p.i. it was rather foggy, and at 72 dpi even more so.


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