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Marco de Innocentis writes from Durham University, England, Monday, July 17, 2000



Questions on the last days of Hitler

1) I would be very interested to know if you ever interviewed Hitler's former secretary Traudl Junge, and what kind of questions she answered (is this available somewhere on your website? I have looked so far but without success).

2) I have recently found and put on the web the audio files of the two OKW-Berichte announcing the surrender of Stalingrad and Hitler's death. It seems they were read out by the same person: http://web.tiscalinet.it/deinn/home.html

I wonder if you happen to know this person's identity, just as a matter of curiosity. I remember reading on your website that Jochen von Lang claimed to have been the man in question, but wasn't he too young back in 1943? Thank you very much,

Marco de Innocentis

 David Irving replies:

YES I interviewed Frau Traudl Junge and my transcript is in my collection at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte. I can no longer access it myself!

2. Yes, it was Jochen von Lang. Here are his details of some years ago

Herr Jochen von Lang 
Bansgruben 24
2000 Hamburg 61

born Piechocki, Vertreter der SS im RmfVuP

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