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Terence Hill also watched in South African the television coverage of Queen Mother's funeral pageant, Friday, April 5, 2002



David Fumbleby's television commentary

Re your diary today. -- Last year The Daily Express reported that Princess Margaret aided by her son, Viscount Lindley, scoured Clarence House destroying the Queen Mother's private papers and correspondence causing, as the Express said, "A deep problem for historians of the future". Wonder why?

The BBC's coverage of the procession was pathetic. I simultaneously had Sky, CNN and BBC World running and the BBC, apart from the most limited coverage, also had the most inept. CNN took an ITN feed but provided commentary by the excellent Richard Quest. Unlike [the BBC's] David Dimbleby, Quest could tell the difference between an RAF and a naval uniform, recognised a member of the Royal Company of Archers (not "a soldier in Highland dress") and didn't make the moronic remark that the Royal Horse Artillery can "dismember" their guns and swing them over obstacles.

None of the networks provided a commentator with a reasonable knowledge of military ranks, units and protocol -- such knowledge is no doubt non-PC.

I also noticed that, with one singular exception, no policeman saluted the cortege or even the Queen's car! That included those officers facing the roads.

Terence Hill

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