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Rudy Garcia writes from Mexico, Thursday, October 10, 2002



The Restraint of Adolf Hitler

SOME years back I read a book by a Mexican writer named Salvador Borrego. In his very big Spanish book Derrota Mundial (or "World Defeat") originally published in the late fifties he made a lot points that have ever since then make me wonder about the current "official" history of WWII and all that has to do with Adolf Hitler, the Germans and the Jews. Some of my doubts:

1. If the Germans were such barbarous murderers, how is it that they respected Geneva Convention rights of so many allied troops in their concentration camps?

2. How come there are so many Jewish survivors of the holocaust camps? If six million Jews died in those camps, no Jews would have been left in Europe.

3. Why would the Germans let the British escape in Dunkirk?

4. Why did the Germans respect the neutrality and sovereignty of the Vatican and of Switzerland?

5. We hear of the barbarity of Hitler against the Christian Churches, yet Christians from all denominations and high-ranking clerics survived the war not molested by the Germans.

6. Why were Churchill and Roosevelt so hell bent in saving Stalin?

7. As I recall the so called "death camps" were not really known until the end of the War, and so the guilt trip that is hung onto the Catholic Church, Germans and others for not "denouncing" these camps is an anachronism. How could anybody denounce something they did not know?

8. The only country that was barbarically bombed into the Stone Age was Germany. No similar fate befell cities in Britain, France or Italy. Even in Poland and Russia the cities were destroyed by the fierce combats that took place when the Russians were closing in on the retreating Germans (correct me please if I am wrong).

9. Up until today, sixty years after the war, there are numerous Jewish people who claim to be survivors of the death camps. This when most people alive then are now over sixty years old, and most adults then are now above their 80th birthday.

10. There are statements that the pictures of the dead bodies in the death camps are in reality pictures of the dead from the air raids in Hamburg, Dresden and other places.

11. While Germany was raped, pillaged, divided and humiliated, the Germans never did the same to the French or their other foes after the defeat of the latter in the campaign in 1940.

12. How come scores of Russians fought with the Germans against the communists?

Any way, the list goes on, but there are so many incongruences and holes in the accepted history of those events, that one can only wonder. I suspect, even though I do not have any proof, that we may have a monstrous and gigantic disinformation operation destined to forever make the memory of Nazi Germany a loathed chapter.

Were the Germans as bad and monstrous as they are painted? A people steeped in the high culture of Mozart and Goethe, of great theologians and writers? Were such highly educated people were capable of such monstrosities? It is hard to believe. So that is why I read your books and web site with interest in perhaps getting a glimpse of the truth behind the propaganda.

God bless you

Rudy Garcia


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IrvingDavid Irving replies:

HERE'S another one. As Field-Marshal Erhard Milch told me, when Luftwaffe generals asked Adolf Hitler for permission to start using poison gas, he refused. He said that Germany was bound by the Geneva Convention on gas warfare, and would never be the first country to implement its use. Winston Churchill on the other hand, in a drunken fit on July 6, 1944, ordered unrestricted gas attacks on six major German cities (see my forthcoming "Churchill's War", vol. iii) ; only the concentrated efforts of his general staff prevented the onset of this madness.

Hitler of course had at his disposal the secret nerve gases Sarin and Tabun, with 30,000 tons of them stockpiled, of which the Allies were completely unaware and against which their gas masks would have been useless: by using these gases Hitler could have destroyed the Allied beachhead at Normandy, and turned the tide of the war. he did not, as he was bound by the Convention. Discuss.

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