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H A Fowler of California, USA, writes Saturday, December 1, 2001, February 24, 2001



The role of Mein Kampf

I find it absurd that you haven't read Mein Kampf. Any Historian that covers Hitler should certainly have read his writings. You compare Mein Kampf, as in this case, through dependable hearsay from those close to Hitler, to the writings of Prof. Evans as "...being endlessly verbose, self important, and turgid".

Mein KampfIt is appalling that you would compare such a contemptible little nobody to Adolph Hitler, after all, Hitler didn't use graduate students to write Mein Kampf nor did he accept the favors of a biased academia and publishing world and its shadowy benefactors to support his views. Also, he wrote it while a political prisoner, a position in which we can be sure that an unprincipled hack like Evans would never find himself.

You ponder the question of why the "International Jewish community... seem to fear [Mein Kampf] so much that they do not mind the ridicule and obloquy that their repeated calls for its banning inspire."

  • First of all, you of all people ought to recognize that the International Jewish community does not mind ridicule and obloquy, in fact they thrive upon it. Isn't that what anti-semitism really is after all?
  • Secondly, could it be that they fear for the public to see what is not to be found within the most hated of all books? That is, Hitler's expression of sheer evil and irrational hatred, all centering on his pathological fixation upon the Jews? In actuality, very little of Hitler's book mentions the Jews. Does not the same cadre of Jewish interests position their ludicrous taboos on Voltaire, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Wagner for the reason that these Western giants were able to address the problem of the Jewish presence in the West without being uncultured, uncivilized, or better yet, crude in their sentiments?

Nothing angers the organized Jew more than being reduced to an annoyance. Nothing evokes Jewish contempt more than violation of this groups' self-importance.

QC Rampton's shameless exploitation of your toungue-in-cheek ditty taken out of thousands of pages of your private diary is a noteworthy parallel to the Jewish contention that Mein Kampf is the Anti-semitic screed of the century.

In my view the reason for the Jewish demonization of Hitler is precisely because he didn't espouse enough irrational Jew hatred of the superstitious variety and instead exposed them as dangerous partisans in Germany, namely the creators of Bolshevism.

The sad fact that Hitler's writings are, as is often said, "too boring" for most to read allows the masses to take the Jewish word for what is really present in his writings. But you can bet that most Jews have little interest themselves in reading Mein Kampf, or for that matter, reading David Irving.

No, they would rather dictate to the masses what is in a book and also to tell us how we should feel about it.

Mein Kampf, written long before Hitler came to power, is unclouded by that fact. It is certainly not the memoirs of a successful dictator. Hitler's writing is brilliant, especially in the context of the desperation of the German people under Versailles.

Those who, for whatever reason, choose not to read Mein Kampf, should not spread rumors about it.

H A Fowler

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