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Erin Ulliman, third-year student of Miami University, Ohio, has this query on Monday, November 5, 2001:



I AM currently working on a report for my class, "The Rise and Fall of Hitler". Hitler's WarThe topic of my paper is Adolf Hitler's Health. In reading your book Hitler's War, I came across the name of several drugs which I cannot find the names of elsewhere.

Such drugs include "Strophantin", "Prostrophanta", "Cardiazol", "Coramin", etc. Could you please tell me where I can find more information on the effects and uses of these drugs? Is there a health journal where I can find more information on them?

I appreciate your time and your input. I find your book fascinating.

Erin Ulliman


YOU have hit pay-dirt by writing to me. (Note how well I master the US vernacular). First, go to my website, which you know, and you will find my popular-edition of The diaries of Hitler's Doctor, Morell. (It is a free download 1.9MB of my book, translating the diaries).

Do you read German? If so, I will send you on disc or by email the PDF scan I have done of the 300pp typescripts memoirs (diary) of Dr EMorell diariesrwin Giesing, who treated Hitler after July 1944. However, Hotmail may cause you problems with such big downloads.

Please come back to me with your further questions. Get the book by Dr Fritz Redlich, but he relied heavily on me (I am not sure how much he credits me however). Dr Karl Brandt wrote a diary in Nuremberg, and his son has it.

PS do you have there a historian there called Dr Jay W. Baird at the Dept. of History, Miami University, Ohio? Ask him why he never responded to my letters of Dec 1993 asking for access to his Werner Naumann papers; he taped Naumann in 1969/1970, agreed to let me have them, then suddenly went quiet. Not very collegial. I guess he is one of the conformist (i.e. craven) historians.

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