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Mark Burcher, grandson of a British hero, asks David Irving on Monday, April 8, 2002 what he knows of Antony Burcher



Anthony Burcher, RAF hero


I WONDER if you can help ? I am the Grandson of Anthony Burcher. I can just remember the book coming out (your book) about the dams and wonder if you have any other writings or information about my Grandfather. I seem to remember someone interviewing him at the time, was it you?

I know my grandfather also featured in another book - The Men Who Breached the Dams - and I am also researching this avenue.

I am collecting information about my Grandfather. I think you probably know that he passed away in 1995 and my Grandmother passed away a couple of years ago.

Mark Burcher

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IrvingDavid Irving replies:


THE WONDERS of the Web! Yes, I interviewed Mr Burcher many years ago, and direct you to my articles on the May 1943 Dams Raid, which were published in the London Sunday Express in the 1970s and as a book in German. You can download the articles free. You will find your grandfather's heroism is referred to in chapters 2 and 3. Good luck, and God speed!

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