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Lara Adams writes from Australia on Sunday, November 17, 2002 that she has been set a paper to write on the Holocaust (what else):



What are your reasons?

I AM doing a history assignment on the holocaust and have to look at different views on the subject. I would be grateful if you would answer these questions I have. If you are a holocaust denier, how do you explain all the footage and evidence that many institutes have. Do you think that the Jewish and German people that lived through it are all lying? Thanks heaps, hope to hear from you real soon.

Lara Adams


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Irving David Irving replies:


I AM happy to hear from you and will be pleased to correspond with you, if you have an open mind. Before I give you some general pointers, let me just take up your challenge on "the footage". There is NO film footage of what is now called The Holocaust. This is one of the reasons why Schindler's List was filmed in black and white, to provide such footage for future gullible generations, as the chief cameraman admitted in a German trade magazine, Der Kameramann.

Each time you are shown ancient newsreel footage on TV, ask yourself: "What am I actually being shown?" (disregarding the voice-over commentary which may be suggesting something quite different.) Whether it is Holocaust-related or not, ask yourself, what proof do we have that this film is not filmed years later, or by the other side during the war for propaganda purposes?

I do not think I can provide much more initially in correspondence than you will find in my website. You can try having a look at my books then check out the Lipstadt libel trial and my illustrated version of the judgment or the official html version of the judgment (you will find my print version easier to follow); see the daily trial transcripts on my website and you may find our subsequent appeal pleadings of interest. We learned the negative result of our appeal on July 20, 2001 (the appeal judgment).

If you will send me a mail address (get your parents' permission please) I will mail to you the print version of my 5 hour closing speech which will tell you the rest; if you have specific questions, and I underline "specific", come back to me by email!

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