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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Sunday, May 25, 2003



Aumeier's testimony on Auschwitz refutes Kommandant Höss and Dr Kremer

AumeierWHILE Aumeier's testimony seems to confirm the gassings at Auschwitz it does further undermine the testimonies of Kommandant Rudolf Höss and his doctor Johann Kremer as to when the Germans established the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

According to the conformist published accounts, Rudolf Höss began the gassings in August 1941, when he began to experiment on Soviet prisoners of war and "search" for a method of exterminating Jews in accordance with Heinrich Himmler's alleged orders of June of 1941.

Clearly Aumeier's testimony contradicts this timeline. He states that it was November 1942 before they began to look for a method of dealing with the typhus epidemic at Auschwitz and gassing the victims. Further more, he states that it was discovered that the methods they were using were totally inadequate (as were the crematoria) and that they established the "bunkers" [for gassing, outside the camp perimeter] after the initial tests in November 1942 and that not until early 1943 were these Bunkers in use.

In conformist accounts these bunkers were in operation in January 1942, a year earlier, while the Nazis were still "experimenting" on Soviet prisoners of war.

ONE question is, why had Höss not discovered these inadequacies in August 1941 or January 1942 during the alleged gassings of the Soviet prisoners of war?

ANOTHER question is, precisely what was Dr Kremer witnessing in September of 1942?

Obviously if Aumeier is correct, Höss and Kremer are wrong. If Aumeier is being truthful and no Jews or Poles were cremated until April 1943, then who were the people that Kremer saw go to the crematoriums in September 1942? Kremer left in late November/early December 1942, so how could he have seen any of these things?

Furthermore, Aumeier's testimony indicates long ventilation times for the chambers after the gassings: this works against the assembly-line "mass murders" theory.

Another point: Given that the technical director of the neighbouring IG Farben Buna plant, Otto Ambros, was also head of the Tabun, Sarin, and Soman nerve-gas projects, it is unlikely that this was a well organized crime.

Sarin would have killed 400 times as many Jews as Zyklon, gram for gram.

Kurt GersteinSoman is ten times more lethal, and would have killed 4,000 times as many. It is water-based and evaporates quickly, whereas Zyklon does not. It has a shelf life of five years in contrast to Zyklon's three months -- a fact that rather undermines Kurt Gerstein's 1945/1946 version that he picked up the Zyklon consignment in June 1942 and carried it to Belzec in late August.

Frank Lowe Jr.


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