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The Bundsarchiv points out that there is no Müller document in the file identified by the defendants



On February 7, 2000, after the document was discussed in Court, Mr Irving applied by fax to the Bundesarchiv for the original document (translations from the German):

February 7, 2000

Dear Dr Lenz, --

1. For the big trial in London I need an original copy of the following document (File identity: BA R70 Sowjetunion/32): Müller (RSHA Dept. IV) to the Einsatzgruppen A B C D, dated Berlin, August 1, 1941, one page. I need it immediately (Christopher Browning is going to be for the next 3 days only in the Witness Box). Could you please fax the document through to me in facsimile to London at this number: 004420-7409-7048

2. Recently I have been corresponding with an Englishman, who has purchased original documents from Hitler's Presidial Chancellery, Year: 1938, hand-corrected speech scripts of Hitler, table layouts (Horthy, etc), invitations.

Still interested?

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

Lieber Herr Dr Lenz, für den großen Prozeß in London benötige ich eine Originalkopie des folgenden Dokumentes (Signatur BA R 70 Sowjetunion/32): Müller (RSHA Amt IV) an Einsatzgruppen A B C D, Berlin, den 1. August 1941, 1 Blatt. Ich benötige es sofort (Christopher Browning ist nämlich die ersten 3 Tage nur im Zeugenstand). Könnten Sie das Dokument bitte sofort als Faksimile nach London durchfaxen und zwar: 00 44 20 7409 7048.

2. neuerdings korrespondiere ich mit einem Engländer, der Originalakten aus der Präsidialkanzlei Hitlers Jg. 1938 erworben hat: handkorrigierte Redeentwürfe Hitlers, Tischordnungen (Horthy usw.), Einladungen. Noch interessiert?

mit freundlichen Grüßen, David Irving


Berlin, February 9, 2000

Dear Mr Irving,

In reply to your letter of February 6, 2000, I inform you that no letter of August 1, 1941 is found in the file R70 Sowjetunion/ 32. This file consists only of copies. On the basis of the received stamp the provenance of the items can be determined as "the Commander of the Security Police and of the Security Service, Lithuania ".

I am very interested in the original files of the Presidial Chancellery. Can you please put me in contact with your informant?

Yours sincerely,

Dr Lenz

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