Evans tells his Australian listeners: "So it was a single trainload transport from Berlin, and what he'd done was simply, conveniently forget to put in the two words 'from Berlin'."

Now, here is what I wrote on page 19 of the 1991 edition of Hitler;'s War, ten years before the Lipstadt trial:

 Perplexed by Himmler's handwritten note about a call to Heydrich after visiting Hitler's bunker on November 30, 1941 -- "Arrest [of] Dr. Jakelius. Alleged son Molotov. Consignment [transport] of Jews from Berlin. No liquidation." -- these wizards of modern history scoffed that probably Molotov's son was believed to be aboard a trainload of Jews from Berlin concealed as "Dr. Jakelius" and was on no account to be liquidated. In fact Molotov had no son; Dr. Jakelius was a Viennese neurologist involved in the Euthanasia program; and the consignment of Jews from Berlin had that morning arrived at Riga and had already been liquidated by the local SS commander by the time that Himmler scribbled down Hitler's injunction.