WHILE my statements at the Stern press conference in April 1983 may have disrupted the orderly outcome they had hoped for, I did not disrupt the conference: the magazine invited questions, and by arrangement between Stern and BILD Zeitung, whose acting correspondent I was for the day, I was the first invited to speak, and had taken up my position at the microphone some minutes earlier for that purpose, clutching the documents proving the fake(see picture). April 1983The newsreel coverage of my questions used to be a part of the History Channel's feature programme on the Hitler Diaries fake; but latterly, I am told, Mr Irving has mysteriously vanished from the programme, in a minor Orwellian retouching of history! As soon as STERN realised the lethal nature of my questions, they tried to halt me (around question number 5) and eventually they had me hinauskomplimentiert -- straight into the arms of the Good Morning America team waiting outside. "If you have stocks in Stern magazine," I heard the US newsreader advising an hour later, "sell them now."